Tuesday, 25 November 2008

I told you there was a reason why I hadn't blogged!

As some of you may know (or not as I haven't got around to telling you!), at the start of November I started work as the Bible Tutor at the ADC office in Watford. My task is to mark all the bible courses (paper and online) and to then process them.

However after two weeks, on the 16th November this happened!

This was the view the next morning

The ADC was in the bit on the left. Structurally it is the least damaged part of the building and apart from smoke and some water damage we're not too badly affected...

except we are now homeless.

Last week I marked courses from home, this week we are using a room in the Stanborough Church and hopefully we'll have a home soon as its quite hard to operate without access to the net, our printer, stocks, telephone, etc!

So as I said before, normal service will be resumed... but it might take a while!

(more pictures can be found here)

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