Sunday, 7 December 2008

A day out

I thought I deserved a day out so I was out of the door by 9am and at Watford Station by 9:25.

This is where the problems started... one train cancelled, the second delayed and then cancelled (I think... they never announced it as such it just disappeared!), a third announced on time (10:07). It arrived at 10:15, stayed at the station for 5 minutes, chugged slowly to Bushey where it stayed for over 10 minutes before depositing me at Euston at 11! (For those who don't know, the train journey normally takes 20-25 min!)

So I missed the start of the service I planed on attending, but I snuck into the back of the church...

Afterwards I found a Scandinavian Deli where I got my real Swedish filter coffee (yep, this coffee snob is lament the fact that at the moment he's separated from both his stove top Espresso and filter coffee maker and has to rely on instant... oh the shame...)

Then I found a book in Mowbrays (as was, now part of Hatchards) and i then found a quite back street pub and cofeeshop to quietly read...

I would have popped into evensong only I didn't trust the trains to get me home later!

Oh well...

back to work in the morning, just time to watch the BBC's version of Henning Mankell's Wallender- Tonight its the first one of his books I read... lets see what they make of that!

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