Wednesday, 4 February 2009

...But I've got the milk...

On Monday England came to a halt... we were so shocked to see some strange white stuff on the ground which we were informed was called snow.

Apparently it necessitated shutting the country down...

Sadly a few of us didn't receive the message and made our way into work.

There our receptionist told us that she had heard them say on the radio that you should only drive if your journey was absolutely necessary...

So why was she in work?

..."but I've got the milk for the office!"

A new definition of an absolutely necessary journey is born!

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Vibeke said...

Some years ago (I was 17 - so MANY years, actually) my dad came home and told my mom they had to move within a week. My mom protested: "But I have milk in the fridge - I just got it today!"

So yeah, milk is responsible for a lot of things... ;-)

Hugs my friend!