Wednesday, 11 February 2009

ughh... that 's why I don't drink instant

Those who know me know that I take my coffee seriously...

In fact I either take a flask of "home brew" with me or I stop off on the way to work to get one filled.

Today I thought, "ah, I'll stay in bed for the extra five minutes and just use instant..."

So now I remember why I don't drink instant...

Which lead me to this famous clip... and No.1 in my new occasional series- "Famous Film coffee mistakes"

So, what was the mistake?

Answers in the comments please


Torsten Pedersen said...

The protagonist in this film (Caine) is simply too tired and distracted to make a proper cup of coffee that morning. First, he only puts two heaped teaspoons of ground coffee in the caffetiere (too weak for my liking), then he seems to add boiling water (too hot, water should only be 90-95 degrees Celsius), finally, he doesn't let the coffee brew properly (should leave it for a couple of minutes).

Using a electrical grinder isn't always optimal either, as blade grinders seldom grind the beans evenly. That said, I admit to using a electrical grinder and believe a man should be allowed to drink a coffee as he wants to, even if its a weak one like the one made by Caine in this film!

Andrew said...

We have a winner!

(and I've got to admit to agreeing with everything you wrote... although I still wouldn't what I found in the office cupboard this morning "coffee")

JP said...

As usual, door's always open for a good coffee. My coffee machine is still doing miracles.

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