Thursday, 25 October 2007

Swedish Word of the day...

(As some of you may know, in order not to die of boredom, and for future practical, and present personal reasons-wow I really murdered the English language there- I'm trying to learn Swedish... So when I find a new word thats interesting, or if I just feel like I need to be reminded, I'll post it up here)

On sunday we went for a short walk along the cliffs near here, we noticed that the ferns/bracken were starting to go brown and die off... so today's SWOTD is ormbunke or fern

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reta said...

Hi Andrew,
Reta here -I just recently read your 'blog' - and wanted to say 'hi'. So sorry to hear you're not so well - it sounds very similar to my niece, Lynn, and my nephew(s) Lesley, and Steven Hanna, who all have M.E. - although I believe there is a school of thought that gives a small dose of antibiotics on a regular basis - which Lynn says is really helping her. I'm glad you're learning Swedish - although I'm sure it will strain your brain some days - great project. I'm afraid I'm at the stage of learning a couple of 'courtesy' words in a language, and hoping they can all speak perfect English - but that's my excuse for a lazy brain.
Would be great to see you again sometime - if you feel like a change - we often think of you- I'll close now - lots of love, Reta