Tuesday, 30 October 2007

Trick or treat (or how to run a protection racket...)

Its that time of year again...

(I think one of the best blogs about the religious/pagan implications of Halloween is this one, however I want to focus on trick or treating)

I can remember... (oh dear I’m slipping into old phogey mode here), I mean, when I was a kid (no, that’s just as bad), oh just get on with it....

Growing up in the Uk Halloween wasn’t really a big deal. Today you can’t go into the supermarkets without tripping over costumes and mask, all so the little “dears” can go and pretend to be gangsters, Yes thats right, they little “dears” can go and run a parent sanctioned protection racket. “Give us a treat (sweets/money/etc) or will put eggs through your letterbox/window/etc”

I don’t really care that kids want to dress up, I don’t really care that people give them sweets. What bothers me is that society is telling kids that the threat of violence is profitable.

(On my old blog I did point out that if you were into winter climbing, this is the perfect time to get your gear out and prep them for the coming season. Somehow kids don’t stay at the door for a long time if you answer it holding a file in one hand and an ice axe in the other...)

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