Thursday, 13 December 2007

Arghhh... or The Secret

One of my biggest frustrations at the moment is that I've been unable to walk, climb or just get out and enjoy the outdoors since I got Ill in April. For those of you who know what I used to be like (2-3 trips to the climbing wall a week, climbing trips to Mexico and Europe to climb, winter walking/climbing, about to get involved in instructor training, etc...) will have some idea what it must be like. Every time I see the local quarry through the now leafless trees I just go mad... something so near and yet so far...

But, I am getting better and the desire to climb is getting stronger.

So every time I see something I have a feeling of inspiration, tinged by a feeling of deep regret.

But, on Monday, in a great early (for the Ben) start of the Scottish Winter Climbing Season, The Secret was climbed. The story of what is probably the hardest onsight winter lead in Britain can be found here.

Now there's no way I can claim to climb anywhere near this level, but you got to find it inspiring...

(This video of the ascent Will give you a taste of the day)

(this video sums up Scottish mixed climbing beautifully... a lot of hanging around, trying to trust your placements and your gear, trying to Psyche yourself up for the move, and finally a move.... this is why it takes so long to climb!)

Please, I don't have to be able to climb this hard, but please just let me be able to feel the touch of rock and ice again, please, please, please...

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