Tuesday, 27 May 2008

At last... real CAFEchurch

I'm not a big fan of "cafechurch".


Because although I like the contemporary setting, service and atmosphere, its still cafeCHURCH.

Or in other words its still a church, just one laid out as a cafe rather than a church. But its still church and the people who don't go to church don't go to "cafechurch" (ok, I'm generalising here but for the most part cafechurch simply attracts Christians who dislike traditional church and want something more contemporary- nothing wrong with that, I understand the desire).

I've said it before- real cafechurch would be in a cafe in which there happened to be a church meeting. Here people who would never go to a church building might be found.

And at last its happening- in major UK coffee shop chains.

Read all about it here

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