Saturday, 17 May 2008

Falkenberg: The River Ätran

I thought I would start sharing my new surroundings with you...

Less than 100m from the place we're staying in is the river Ätran- there is a walkway accross bridge (with a forest walk/park area on the opposite side).
-here is the view upriver from the bridge

-and here is the view down river to the town centre and eventualy the sea (the building you can see is a famous open air theatre)

There is a walk along the left hand (southern) bank which leads towards the centre

In the centre you find the Tullbron (toll bridge- the historic entrance across the river into the town

You can cross the bridge and walk back up on the other side...

That's all for now- I'll show you some more next time.

(oh did I mention that the Ätran is one of Sweden's best known Salmon rivers? I didn't- well I'll come back to that when I unpack my fly rod!)

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JP said...

Glad to hear you made it to Sweden ;)
The pics look nice, it seems like a great place to live but I guess you'll tell us about that later