Sunday, 18 May 2008

Reasons to like Sweden: clothes that fit!

Ok, so this might not be a big deal for most of you, but for me it is.

I'm slim- in fact in UK sizes I'm a waist 28. The problem is the smallest trousers/jeans/etc most UK shops stock is 30 (with some only starting at 32...).So you can imagine my surprise at seeing jeans going down to 26 (with a few 24) in a high street jeans store here in Falkenberg at Christmas.

With the exception of two pairs all my jeans and trousers come from Sweden!

We went shopping for shorts (my only pair is a child's 3/4 pair I got last summer which look knee length on me!) I even managed to find a pair of "combat" style (you know- the ones with hundreds of pockets on them) shorts in my size. Big deal I hear you saying... well I haven't been able to wear them before because if I put things into the pockets of larger shorts they simply fell down!

So another reason I like it here- Clothes that fit!

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