Thursday, 14 February 2008

A (brief) Update

Well here's the news at the moment...

I'v had a mild cold this week (except that at the moment, for me a mild cold almost means being confined to bed!)

However I've had to try to keep going because someone from the agents are coming to see the flat tomorrow so that it can be put on the market...

So I've been trying to finish off some simple (is it ever? especially if you're not well) DIY and clean a bit... well most is done, I'll have a another go tomorrow and I'll have to admit defeat and finish over the weekend.

I've also been trying to get removal costs, etc...

Basically I need a quick sale (possibly selling just below its full value in order to do so- another flat in the block went this way last week, if I get what he got I won't be too disappointed as long as its quick), as I can’t afford to keep paying for it.

So, please, either keep your fingers crossed or say a prayer or two (depending on your preference!)

And then what... well I’m taking it slowly, once I get an idea of any (potential) interest in the flat I’ll know wether I need to move out sooner (to cut down on bills) or can wait till its sold.

And then? Well keep posted, I’m working on that too!

Oh, don’t forget to look at the stuff I have to get rid of!

SO that's me. I think I'll try to finish off here, have a shower and collapse with a book!

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