Friday, 22 February 2008

This makes me want to cry...

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It's not been a good week.

First the physio on monday (more later) and then I cane down with a cold/(fluey)thing for a few days and got confined to bed (yep just like last week...) and then I saw a program about hillwalking in the Lake District yesterday. The weeks been almost too much to bear.

I have walked/climbed(summer and winter)/driven through most of the mountain/hill areas of Scotland. I used to climb 2-3 times a week. I would think nothing of long (12-14) hour days on the hill. And yet now I find a walk around Edinburgh tiring. I used to lug a heavy pack filed with climbing rack, ropes, food etc and not worry about it. I could support my weight on my fingertips as I climbed or pull myself up on a pair of ice axes. And yet U get tired doing 5 reps with 1kg weights with the physio.

So You’ll forgive me for wanting to curl up in a ball and cry after watching a lakeland walk last night.

I have a love hate relationship with climbing websites/books/magazines... I yo-yo between two extremes. I get inspired and say, “I’m going to get better, I’m going to go climb this, I’m going to be a climbing instructor, etc.” And then it just reminds me that It’s been a year since I “climbed” (over a year since I went to a climbing wall and almost a year since I bouldered a bit at the local quarry) and I just want to give up. Everything.

So I’m going to jump in the shower, and then try and walk around the block (and not get blown over- its still almost a gale out there... wimp you’ve been almost blown off the top of Ben Nevis in a winter white out before... argh... you see what I mean) and tell myself that I will get better. I will move and get healthy. I will climb. I will climb. I will climb.

(I just need to start believing it...)


Maggie/. said...

Like you, Andrew, I'm curled up with a hot drink and feeling pretty miserable. I've had a cold since Monday and have got no studying done, essay due in 1 week. Thomas has been ill for 2 weeks, his asthma is always bad when he has a cold, but bless him, he has not taken a single day off school even though he has been up coughing all night. The weather on the other side of Scotland is galeforce too, some fences are down again - I'm staying in until tomorrow. with love,

Andrew said...

I gave up on the walk when it started to hail!

I'm sorry to hear you've not being too well either- I hope it passes soon and you all get back to normal. Thanks for the snowman picture- its amazing the diffrence a few years make!

thanks for keeping me up to date... i hope to see you all sometime soon,

Johnny said...

Not fair how peoples bodies don't match their lifestyles.. I'd trade you if I could buddy :/ Or I could exercise more...

Thanks for your always honest posts Andrew!