Thursday, 8 November 2007

Music of the day (updated)

In 1998 the Swedish group kent released an English version of their album Isola. It had the “feel” of Radiohead and got decent airplay on the alternative and indie radio stations.

Its hard to pick a favourite track, as most of them are pure class, but “lifesavers”, “if you were here” and “things she said” stand out. However the only track i could find on YouTube is the airplay edit (i.e. short version) of the final song on the album... I won’t complain, it might not be the best but its still good.
So here is kent and 747 (named after the length of the album version, which is infinitely better!)

To see their latest single (in Swedish I’m afraid) click here

UPDATE: I found some more vids from Isola!!
Things she said
AND YES I FINALY FOUND If you were here although it sounds better in swedish (on du var här)

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