Thursday, 8 November 2007

Why do I blog?

(I’m really setting out my stall here...)

I started my old (typepad) blog for several reasons; I wanted to share some pictures of my Mexico climbing trip, I wanted to keep in touch with friends, I I needed a virtual church noticeboard as our church was going through a rebuild (I used to post pictures to keep members up to date with the progress), I wanted to get in on some conversations online. So on the old blog I had a regular “thought for the day” and I got into theological/ministry issues, along with some personal stuff (music of the day, etc).

I stopped the old blog when I couldn’t afford to pay to keep it up (long story- I left ministry to do some more PG study, funding fell through, difficulties finding work, them I got ill) but wanted to keep online so I moved to blogger.

For a while I didn’t post much- mostly because I wasn’t feeling well. As I introduced here my illness even affected my ability to concentrate (read/blog/etc). Now I’m beginning to feel better I’m starting to blog again. This accomplishes several things- I’m stuck at home, either bored or ill so it gives me an outlet. However, if you’re looking for deep theological insight, we’ll I’m afraid you’ll really need to shift it to find the pearls. Its not that I’m not into that any more- Its just that its going to take a while to get back into reading and thinking... so if you can put up with all my junk, please stay and read...

So in short, this blog is really becoming a sort of journal covering my life’s ups and downs. It focuses on my health, my interests and my journey... so maybe the title wasn’t too far off

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