Wednesday, 21 November 2007

Reality Check (update)

A week ago I saw specialist in Edinburgh. It was good- he clearly knew his stuff and was sympathetic to the problem. He wants some more tests done and wants to chase up some of the previous tests, but was hopefully that my improvement should continue. On the plus side I had some blood taken and for the first time in ages it went OK (no collapsed veins, no standing with my hands in a basin of water trying to get veins on the back of my hand, etc).

However, for a week I've had a really bad problem with my sinuses (which doesn't help my condition at the moment). I saw the doctor on Monday (it seems as they take me seriously now) who decided that as I've had it over a week and because it is making my CFS symptoms worse, that I should get some medicine for it. Yesterday was better, however today is really bad. I'm in pain, my head aches and I really feel bad...

hopefully the meds will kick in soon.

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Maggie said...

Thanks for the update, Andrew, there are a lot of people with the cold just now, Stephen was sent home from school yesterday as his had got worse on top of that he had toothache(will get a filling today) and to cap it off this brought on a migraine!! Once the migraine was over he played on the Wii and that took his mind off the toothache! Children are very good at rechannelling their energies which blocks pain, hope you can find a way to do the same. Love M/